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The Website Impact Day

Want to step up your website this Spring? Just give me a day and let me give your website the overhaul it deserves. 

Website doesn’t match your socials? Sorted.

New service offers? Added.

Messaging not feeling quite right? Reworded.

Not being found on Google? Fixed.

Can’t seem to just hit publish? Viola.

How The Website Impact Day works

The Planning call

We’ll spend an hour or so talking about your business goals and how we can improve your website to reach them.

We’ll create an action-plan for the impact day and let you know what we can achieve in a day.

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Birthday Lasso 2

The Impact Day

We’ll dedicate one day just to you. 

We’ll jump into your website editor and work through our action plan. We’ll check in at key points of the day so you can review our progress.

The Review call

The next day, we’ll have a quick call to review the work we’ve done and help you work out next steps for keeping your website in tip-top shape.

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Let me say hello

Hi! I’m Emily, founder of Two Shoes Creative. I design brands and build websites for those who strive to positively impact the world we live in.

My mission is simple: to empower those who are making a difference. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organisations and individuals dedicated to social and environmental causes. 

The Package

£ 850 total
  • Initial consultation call
  • 1 day (7.5 hours) of of Emily's time in one day
  • Follow up call
June slots

Enquire today

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Nice to meet you! Firstly please tell me a little bit about you:
Thanks! Now tell me about your business.
Now it's time to talk about your website

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