Our Sustainability Commitment

We need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk when it comes to sustainability. We care about the environment and we make sure we are always making a conscious effect to live and work sustainably. Both our Founding Partners are vegan, as they felt it was an important step to take for the animals and for the planet. 

Paperless & Recycling

Where possible we use digital methods to document and communicate. On both a personal level and on business level we recycle as much as possible.

Our Partners

It’s important to us that our partners hold the same values as us and strive to make a positive impact on the world. This is an important part of our selection process.

Carbon Footprint

We work virtually which enables us to keep travel to a minimum. We have energy-efficient light bulbs and keep the use of electrical appliances to a minimum when working from home.

Giving back

With over 30 years experience of brand design and marketing, we felt it was time to channel that knowledge into supporting brands that make a difference. We want to take this a step further by giving at least 5% of profits to a deserving charity aligned with our values.