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If there was a way to see more sales from Google, without having to go through yet another course, learn a complicated tool, or have your enthusiasm quickly fizzle out, would you do it?

SEO for small businesses

How The SEO Toolkit works


Powerful SEO software subscription + group Q&A sessions


Great for service-based or product-based creative business owners

How much?

£55 a month,
1:1 consulting upgrades available

For small businesses, most SEO tools are either too complicated or too expensive

We all know we shouldn’t rely solely on social media marketing. But we do because it’s what we know and we don’t have the time or desire to learn another new thing.

You’ve probably dabbled with your website’s SEO plugin, or even had an SEO audit done by a well-known piece of SEO software. Because you understand it’s important, and it’s one of the best return-on-effort actions out there.

But all the well-meaning advice you’re given is:

On top of that, the paid software is too high of an investment for the needs of your small business.

So what do you do? Maybe you’ll keep publishing social media posts that, through no fault of your own, only reach 2% of your audience.

Or shove some keywords in a meta description box, hoping that this time, it’ll work.

Apart from not judging you for doing those things in the slightest, I’m here to tell you…

There’s a seat at the SEO table with your name on it

Having a long-term SEO strategy that you have the accountability to stick to, using a tool that you can actually wrap your head around, all while seeing results that you thought were only reserved for “other people”…how great would that feel?

A space at the top of Google shouldn’t be reserved only for big businesses with a big budget. Soon, you’ll realise you can see the same results, too.

Because SEO does work! My clients are proof of this. You simply need the right tool and the right support to get you there.

Take a second to cast your mind 3 days from now...

you’ll have an action plan ready to go, and you’ll have got your way around the SEO platform (because it’s so user-friendly it won’t take you long).

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And by Autumn...

you’ll have spent at least 3 months implementing strategic, personalised tweaks to your website. You’ll be starting to reap the rewards and see more traffic.

And in a year...

SEO will feel like second-nature to you. Sales will start rolling in from organic search, and the pressure of relying solely on social media will be off. 

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Oh, and you don’t even need to be a tech wizard, have days of spare time, or tackle the learning on your own.

“But how can I see more results from SEO without going over my budget, paying for complex reports I don’t need, or wasting time learning a new tool that I don’t understand how to use?”

Well, allow me to introduce something to you…

Emily was great at breaking down the SEO to make it easy for us to understand. We understood what she was doing and why. Implementing Emily’s SEO strategies bought a multitude of benefits, really enhancing our website traffic and visibility!

Sam King, Love Letchworth

the seo toolkit two shoes v2

A monthly subscription for small businesses that’ll give you the best SEO results you’ve seen so far, and take the headache out of SEO for good.

I’ve cracked the code (pun intended) for a service that gives you the tools and personalised support you need to climb up the rankings. All without:

Instead, you get the confidence, momentum, and support to double down on your SEO efforts because it’s no longer something you’ll “get to later” without a strategy and action plan to take you forward.

You’ll be getting a personal, bespoke SEO strategy for you, and you alone, so you can feel confident knowing every minute of your time is spent working towards something that’ll get you results.

Without having to pay 4 figures for an agency to do it for you. (The power of tech, right?)

Get access to easy-to-use SEO software:

The SEO tool features:

website audits to analyse your technical SEO (no extra effort needed from you) and recommended fixes to go with the audit. The audit is done it real-time so you can check instantly if your changes your fixes have been done correctly.

to improve your website’s SEO in an easy-to-consume format that are all prioritised, with a prediction of how long each task will take. You won’t need to worry about decision overwhelm because the next steps are all decided for you.

for every single action so that you’re not wasting time trying to figure out what on earth a breadcrumb is, and instead you’re spending the time quickly and easily implementing the actions so that you can start to see results. Wave information overload goodbye. Instead, you get to focus on the DOING, because that’s what’ll get you results!

to discover the phrases your customers are searching for (and competitors are using!) so you can easily see what phrases to include in your website copy. Plus, you’ll get web page recommendations alongside each keyword so you’ll know exactly where to slot in those keywords. Keyword tracking, placement, and management have never been easier!

ChatGPT-powered blog content and SEO copy creation via the AI Content Wizard

to your website – an important part of SEO success. No more hunting around trying to remember who and where has linked to your site and all the backlink recommendations will be tailored to your business and industry for maximum results.

to improve your Google Map rankings — especially important if you’re targeting local businesses.

Ongoing keyword tracking for 120 keywords across Google Search and Google Maps. Keyword tracking, placement, and management have never been easier! (another screenshot here as keywords were a common theme from your market research)

It’s not just a plug-and-play software that you’ll forget about until the next payment comes out…

You have the best intentions, I know this! When are business owners ever not busy, though?

This means it’s too easy to let things slide. Trust me, I know the feeling. I’ve bought countless courses, tools, memberships, the lot. Half of them are unfinished or forgotten about…

It’s not just a plug-and-play software that you’ll forget about until the next payment comes out. That's why, on top of everything else you get:

A monthly 2-hour co-working call so you get your SEO tasks done. Yes, actually done! But you don’t need to worry about having any more time than that. A few targeted hours per month is all you need to see results that’ll start to pay your investment back. Do the work and the results will come.

You’ll have my empathetic pair of ears on the co-working calls, as I’ll be able to dedicate time to respond to your questions so you don’t ever feel like you’re going this alone. No question is too daft, I promise. I’ll be there rooting for you every step of the way, because your success is my success.

You simply need to add the tasks to your virtual cart and hit ‘order’ as if you were shopping online. No commitment, no contracts, and no extra work for you.​

SEO doesn’t have to be this thing you don’t understand or don’t have the time for

I understand that you might not feel confident SEO will work for you. You’ve probably given it a good go already.

But, a website SEO plugin isn’t a true strategy, the same way you know that posting on social media when you feel like it isn’t a marketing strategy.

Once you have a regular, timetabled session to dedicate to your SEO, alongside a super user-friendly platform and a team of people who are rooting for you, SEO will be like second nature to you.

Remember, this isn’t something you’ll invest in and then quickly forget about or fall off the wagon with.

You get the opportunity to ask me specific questions about anything related to your website during our monthly calls.

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Let me say hello

Hi! I’m Emily, founder of Two Shoes Creative. I design brands and build websites for those who strive to positively impact the world we live in.

In my years working with small businesses, I’ve experienced how regular, dedicated SEO action can totally change their outlook. But not every business has the budget or time for a big, intensive SEO strategy.

Your small business can see the same results as those bigger brands that have all the budget in the world. All it takes is having bespoke advice tailored to you and your business, that’s easy to follow and genuinely effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

These services are suitable for solo founders and indie business owners who are ready to take the next step up in their business and want to improve their website as a powerful marketing tool. 

Yes! We love working with service-based businesses and this audit will help you navigate how to improve your SEO to get more enquiries for your business. 

Yes! We love working with product-based businesses and this audit will help you navigate how to improve your SEO to get more traffic to your store.

This service will work for smaller, independent charities. If you are looking for help with your larger charity’s SEO, drop us an email on

This is totally self paced! You’ll have access to the online tool and all it’s features 24/7. However, our 2 hour co-working session will give you time to ask me all questions and get some expert guidance.  

You have access to the tool for as long as your subscribed. You can choose to subscribe monthly at £55 a month, or annually at £600 per year. 

SEO is for life, not just for Christmas! We recommend you commit at least 2 hours a month to working on your SEO. To hold you accountable, we host a 2-hour co-working session once a month where we all work on our SEO together, and you have the opportunity to ask me anything! 

During our 2 hour co-working sessions will give you time to ask me all questions and get some expert guidance. In addition to this, you can also upgrade to receive more personalised support from me, or even outsource SEO tasks completely to us! 

Reach out to us on with any question about our services. We’ll be happy to help!

The SEO Toolkit subscription

£ 55 per website, per month
  • Access to powerful SEO software with all the amazing features listed above, including...
  • Keyword research and strategy tool
  • Blog post idea generator
  • Backlink analyser and HARO requests
  • Competitor research tool
  • SEO help videos and step-by-step guides
  • Monthly Q&A calls with Emily