76% of meat eaters surveyed said they would continue their vegan diet after going vegan for January

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Two Shoes Creative, an insights, marketing and design agency that supports vegan and sustainable brands, undertook independent research to understand if trying to go vegan for the month of January also meant a change in other behaviours, and if meat-eaters would continue to be vegan after January. 

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The good news is that 76% of UK meat eaters who tried going vegan in January will continue with their vegan diet. It’s fair to say that as part of this they are committing to a healthier lifestyle with 82% eating less takeaways and nobody reporting that they are eating more takeaways.

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In addition to this, 61% stated they made more meals from scratch and the same number said they felt healthier.

One of things that people mention as a reason for not becoming vegan is that it is expensive. In this survey 2 in 3 said they spent the same or less on a vegan diet, which would suggest that the benefits of an increased range of products in the supermarkets is being felt. Only 11% reported difficulty in finding Vegan options. 

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The one thing that does still seem to be an issue overall is the take away market with 54% experiencing some sort of difficulty in finding a suitable vegan take away option. This is definitely an area of opportunity despite many emerging vegan brands and vegan options in established fast food outlets, entering the take away market.

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Only 1% of survey respondents said they found eating a vegan diet in January “Extremely Difficult”. When asked about their biggest challenges during the month, many stated that avoiding dairy products was difficult, especially finding vegan cheese. 

Emily (Two Shoes co-founder) took part in eating a vegan diet in January, having previously been vegetarian for the last 4 years. Commented on her experience ‘It was actually a lot easier than I anticipated. Having been vegetarian for a few years, I didn’t actually have to make a lot of changes. However, I did start to learn that a lot of vegetarian products that I love contain milk and egg. I found myself cooking from scratch a lot more, which I think led to me eating healthier overall and focussing more on my nutrition.’

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The team at Two Shoes also wanted to understand the other factors that contributed to a successfully following a vegan diet in January. 93% of people had some sort of help, be that advice from friends, facebook groups and 97% of those who’s whole household took part in eating a vegan diet throughout January said they would continue, versus 75% of those who’s whole household didn’t take part so it’s key that the support is there and remains beyond January.

If you would be interested in taking part in surveys about veganism and the environment, please visit Insights Hub by Two Shoes Creative 

Emily Jones – Two Shoes Creative

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