Client: Nikki Watkins

Website for fine-art wedding photographer

About Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

Nikki Watkins are a photography and videography duo based in Bedfordshire, UK but love to travel all over the world to shoot weddings. They pride themselves on making our couples feel relaxed and at ease in our presence. 

The before...

Nikki already had…

  • strong branding
  • a stunning service offering (I mean, just look at the photos!)
  • their target audience nailed down

Nikki already had…

  • Their website wasn't SEO optimised which meant they would be losing out on a lot of potential customers
  • The website had become a bit unwieldy - too many pages and broken links
  • They were finding the website kind of annoying to edit!

Our website revamp process

Moving from Showit to WordPress

We decided to move the website from Showit over to native WordPress and Elementor to save the client money on monthly fees and also make sure it was much easier to edit going forward.

Building on their existing brand style

Nikki already had a strong brand in place, so we made sure to honour this when rebuilt her website. We kept the style minimal, light and airy, with delicate typography and large images. 

Keyword research and optimisation

One of the most important aspects of the revamp was SEO. Nikki wasn’t seeing a lot of results from organic search so we: 

  • built the website to SEO best practices
  • performed keyword research
  • optimised Nikki's content

The impact of excellent website design

Through a strategic approach to website design, we successfully transformed our client’s online presence, aligning it with their brand identity and maximising its impact. 

  1. Enhanced brand perception: The client was thrilled with the website redesign, as it finally captured the essence of their brand. The new design resonated with their audience and accurately reflected their vibrant personality, resulting in increased engagement and positive feedback.
  2. Improved organic search visibility: Following the implementation of our SEO optimisation strategies, the client experienced a significant uptick in organic search views. By enhancing their website’s visibility on SERPs, they were able to attract a broader audience and generate more leads organically.

As a result, the client’s rebranded website now serves as a powerful tool for engaging with their audience and driving business growth in the competitive landscape of social media consulting.

I first contacted Emily as I wanted help with my SEO and getting my website more streamlined… with her guidance we decided to move my website over to a new platform. 

Initially I was hesitant as I was worried how much time this would take. However I didn’t need to worry as the whole process from start to finish was smooth and quick with her being on hand to help at all stages. 

She listened to my wishes and created me a site which is much more user friendly and looks great! I’m really happy with the outcome and would highly recommend her to anyone!

Photo of Emily Jones, founder of Two Shoes Creative. She has pink hair, big glasses, wears bright blue and is leaning up against a wall, smiling.

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