Posted: December 2, 2020

The Conscious Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Buying presents for friends and family is never easy, and 2020 is certainly no exception.

Now is a perfect time to give thoughtful sustainable presents. And what could be more thoughtful this year than a gift which is a delight for the recipient, provides a much needed boost for an independent UK business and contributes positively to our planet.

Why not take a moment to browse through our carefully reviewed collection of independent shops selling the very best in vegan, handmade and environmentally conscious gifts?

We’re certain you’ll discover plenty of options to help lighten your festive ‘to do’ list.

Art and Greetings Cards

Leo & Luna

Leo & Luna create beautiful celestial artwork. Grab a print, or commission your own personal artwork – such as a personalised Star Map. Plus the equivalent of $1 from every sale is donated to the deforestation charity, One Tree Planted.

The Peacock and the Printmaker

The Peacock and the Printmaker is a collection of hand-made gifts – such as prints, wrapping paper and ornaments – featuring a wide range of cute animals.


Wayward shop that sells greetings cards, prints and – for a limited time only – sleigh bells! All pieces are illustrated by Emma  (who is plant-based!) and are inspired by her passion for rock music, tattoos, nature and adventure.

Shop at:

Gifts That Give to Charities

Apad Notebook

The apad landscape notebook is the perfect tool for designers and creatives. They are collaborating with Azuko, a registered charity that uses design as a tool for sustainable development, to help raise funds for the JAAGO Foundation which are revolutionising education in Bangladesh through the use of technology.

Farm Animal Rescue

Farm Animal Rescue is an animal sanctuary. They have a range of merchandise featuring their adorable farm animals, or you can sponsor an animal, such as Dolly the Pig, pictured.

Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

Hornbeam sell lots of lovely hedgehog craft and merchandise with 100% of the income generated going to help the hedgehogs. Alternatively, you can sponsor a hedgehog.


Plantlife is a British conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. You can donate directly to an appeal or why not gift someone a Membership.

Shop at:

Gifts for Children

The Den Kit

The Den Kits were designed to encourage children to play outside. They have a range of kits including a plant-a-tree kit and a bird “pizza” kit. There’s no single-use-plastic, no batteries and no complicated instructions!

Shop at:


Envirotoy’s mission is to bring eco friendly, non plastic toys to the forefront! With a wide range of choice, there are loads of cute toys for ages 0-3+

Shop at:

A bit of everything

Green Tulip

Green Tulip stocks a wide range of products from homeware, to stationery, to gift sets. Where possible we buy from small suppliers so we can work closely with the founders and hear first hand of their commitment to ethical sourcing.

Shop at:

Kind Store

Kind Store is a vegan-owned and operated business. They only stock vegan products, from beauty to food to jewellery. They also sell ‘The Kind Box’ perfect to give as a gift.


Wikaniko have carefully sourced products with great eco credentials, that have been responsibly sourced and lovingly made. Shop for all sorts of sustainable goodies including beauty products, gift packs and the classic Christmas gift – socks!

Shop at:

Fashion & Jewellery

Earth Kind Originals

Earth Kind Originals makes beautiful organic clothes. They only use the softest of natural fabric including GOTS certified organic cotton, Tencel Eucalyptus jersey and natural indigo denim.

Fizz Goes Pop

Fizz Goes Pop is a designer of fun and colourful laser cut jewellery, homeware and kits. They are  vegan-owned and any off cuts are repurposed and all of the packaging is either fully recyclable or biodegradable with full instructions on how to dispose.

Shop at:

Heiko Clothing

Heiko Clothing make ethical clothing. Proudly show you’re plant-based with their range of tees, sweatshirts and totes brandishing your favourite vegan snacks!

Kemi Telford

Kemi Telford creates bright and bold clothing. Some of the clothes sold here have a Nigerian influence, but with a western twist. They are committed to reducing waste and minimising plastic packaging. They also carbon-offset all of with Ecologi

Shop at:

Vegan Food and Drink

Dominee's Doughnuts

Dominee’s Doughnuts make… you guessed it… dougnuts! And they deliver UK-wide. Choose from a range of flavours including Carrot Cake,  White Chocolate and Cardamon, and Mint Chocolate.

Gourmet Alternative

Gourmet Alternative is a plant-based cheese and snack shop. They stock a number of vegan cheese brand including Honestly Tasty and I Am Nut OK.

Simply Vegan Sweets

Simply Vegan Sweets stock a wide range including pick-and-mix, gluten-free and boozy sweets. They also use  completely plastic free packaging.

Health and Beauty Gifts

Earth to Earth Organics

Earth to Earth Organics stocks cruelty-free, natural, vegan skincare. Pick up amazing body butter, body oil and sets. They also partner with One Tree Planted.

Eloise Beauty

Eloise Beauty stocks an amazing range of cruelty free vegan make up. Pick up individual products, or choose gift sets. Their premium brushes were even featured in Glamour UK.

Shop at:

Malva Botanic

Malva Botanic makes natural cold processed soaps are crafted with plant based oils that contain beneficial properties in maintaining healthy skin. Plus they don’t wrap our gifts in any form of plastic.

Homeware Gifts


Aerende is an online shop selling beautiful products and gifts for your home, all of them made in the UK by people facing social challenges.

Shop at:

Amber B Pottery

Amber makes handmade thrown functional pottery. Buy mugs, vases and pots, or they also make Handmade Macrame Hangers.

Lavender House

Lavender House makes natural living lifestyle shop specialising in sustainable and environmentally ethical products. They grow, design, hand make, and curate all our items. They are also are committed to being plastic free, palm oil free, SLS & Paraben free.

Adult-only Gifts

Vegan Toys UK

Vegan Toys UK makes eco-friendly sex toys made from vegan materials. Plus they are in the shape of… well, we’ll let you look for yourself.

Shop at:

We hope our guide has provided you with food (and more) for thought. Thanks for helping to support UK businesses and the planet.  Happy Christmas!

If you supply high quality ethically sourced and environmentally conscious gifts and would be interested in featuring in a future guide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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