We are (Goody) Two Shoes

With over 30 years experience of designing and marketing brands and passion to make a difference we are your perfect partner to power your eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable brands.

Building brands that make a positive impact.

We’re all about helping eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable businesses evolve and expand. We’ll help you find your voice, tell your story and explain your brand.

To do this, we’ve assembled a fine team of ‘do-gooders’, ready and very able to deliver a first-rate brand experience for your all-important customers.

Meet the Founders

We love harnessing our enthusiasm for brands and uniting it with our guiding passion to ‘do the right thing’ and ultimately deliver projects that are good for the world we live in.

Drawing on over five decades of combined experience across a multitude of brands, including Domino’s, Orange, National History Museum, Change4Life, HJ Heinz and Coca-Cola, we’re UK-based, vegan-owned, and endeavour to operate our business as ethically and sustainable as possible.

Emily Jones

Emily has been running her own design business for a number of years – working on branding and digital transformation projects. However, lockdown caused her to re-assess the kind of work she wanted to do – and after realising Suellen had the same goals – Two Shoes was born.

Suellen Morris

Suellen has over 20 years brand marketing experience across corporate and SME’s including brands such as Orange, Screwfix and Domino’s. The time, for a number of reasons, felt right to use that knowledge to support brands that aim to make a difference.

Meet our clients

We’re all about helping ethical, vegan and sustainable businesses evolve and expand. Here’s a selection of brands we’ve been working with.


Giving back

With over 30 years experience of brand design and marketing, we felt it was time to channel that knowledge into supporting brands that make a difference. We want to take this a step further by giving at least 5% of our profits to a deserving charity aligned with our values.

That's us in a nutshell, how about you?​

Let’s work together and make change happen. Email us on hello@twoshoescreative.co.uk or fill out the form below.